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Our Mission

-“Enable midsize cities to leap...”

In a world of IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence cities around the globe get offered cutting edge technology that can boost the economy, increase standards of living, and provide safety. However, mostly mega cities - cities with +10M population - implement them. Having the resources, infrastructure, and knowledge necessary to do so. Leaving the rest of the world behind. This is why CheetahLabs was created.


Over 50% of the world lives in midsize cities - cities with up to 1M population - that can, and should, implement SmartCity solutions but lack the ability to. CheetahLabs' mission - give midsize cities the ability to test, optimize, and execute SmartCity solutions that previously were only available to mega cities. Helping people across the world live a better and safer life.

CheetahLabs' proprietary Urban Simulator technology allows municipalities across the world to move faster and smarter than ever before.

"The Urban Simulator allows midsize cities to choose the most cost effective SmartCity solution while testing interoperability and implementing them in record time" 

Get Ready! Applications to be open soon! 


A Simulator provides vision for SmartCities and helps midsize municipalities implement technology

Physical Lab

An Urban Simulator will check products and APIs before city deployment, including a physical lab with equipment and a physical simulator of city services

Many startups throughout the state will use the Simulator in testing their new products before WW sales, setting HQ in the municipality


Iot Platform

SmartCity IoT Services Center will run a dozen services including:

Insurance IoT, Parking, Water Leakage, Pollution, Health, Energy


The simulator can be used as a priceless source of enrichment for students in Data Science and Engineering,  as well as a research lab for advanced degree students and professors, preparing them for the era of SmartCity innovation


Urban Simulators for SmartCity Deployment

"SmartCity - Leap Forward"